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Carol's Diary


2006-04-03 [長年日記]

_ [news] 「独島=日本の領土」…日本の意図は?


_ [news] ○(pya!)


_ [news] 自転車で刑事処分を受ける可能性が今後増加します


_ [news] ウリのことを教科書でもっとちゃんと書いて欲しいニダ




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BVI crowns track champions for its Inter-Primary SchoolsAlexandrina Maduro School, Althea Scatliffe School and Agape Total Life Academy were winners in their respective divisions in the 2013 Inter-Primary Schools Track and Field Championships. The tightest race was for the B Division title. Alexandrina Maduro's Erica Charles moved them from fifth to third place on the U-15 Girls 800-meter Relay - the final race on the program - and they hanged on for a thrilling 377-375 victory over defending champion Joyce Samuel School.Ivan Dawson School was third with 290, while Isabella Morris School was fourth after amassing 269. Leonora Delville School earned 262 points to finish fifth, with Robinson O'Neal Memorial Primary occupying the sixth spot with 148. Cedar rounded out the division with 80 points.Agape Total Life Academy won the C Division crown, amassing 366 points to finish six points ahead of Jost Van Dyke, which had 360. First Impression tallied 189 for third place, followed by Claudia Creque School with 167 and Pelican Gate with 128. Perennial A Division champs Althea Scatliffe School accumulated 461 points for another title. Enis Admas was second with 351 points, and Ebenezer Thomas won the competitive battle for third place with a five-point margin over Francis Lettsome (315-310). Willard Wheatley School was three behind Lettsome with 307, followed by Bregado Flax with 272 and St. Georges with 236.Division ChampsThe respective Division champions were are follows: A Division: Under 9 Girls: Akeela McMaster, Enis Adams Primary School, 28 points. Boys: T'koy Stevens, Bregado Flax Primary, 31. Under 11 Girls: D'Neigh Williams, Bregado Flax Primary, 38. Boys: Wanye Bell, Althea Scatliffe, 40. Under 13 Girls: Zara Brown, Althea Scatliffe, 40. Boys: J'Quann Smith, Althea Scatliffe, 40. Under 15 Girls: Bryea Walters, Althea Scatliffe, 46. Boys: Cletus Bannis, Enis Adams, 34.Victrix Ludorum: Byrea Walters, Althea Scatliffe, 46 points. Victor: (tie) Wanye Bell, Althea Scatliffe and J'Quaan Smith, Althea Scatliffe, 40. B DivisionUnder 9 Girls: Kieanjah Roberts, Joyce Samuel, 28. Boys: Sanjay Henry, Joyce Samuel, 30. Under 11 Girls: Shymmera Forbes, Alexandrina Maduro, 50. Boys: Jarron Robinson, Ivan Dawson, 28. Under 13 Girls: Teneisha Chalwell, Joyce Samuel, 30. Boys: Malik Collins, Robinson O'Neal, 22. Under 15 Girls: Shawana Forbes, Joyce Samuel, 30. Boys: Eric Bobb, Lenora Delville, 28 PointsVictrix Ludorum: Shymmera Forbes, Alexandrina Maduro, 50. Victor: Sanjay Henry, Joyce Samuel, 30. C DivisionUnder 9 Girls: Crisbely Welsh, Agage, 22. Boys: Mikkel Hastic, Claudia Creque, 28. Under 11 Girls: Triona Palmer, Jost Van Dyke, 30. Riquan Garroway, Pelican Gate, 30. Under 13 Girls: Deborah Smith, Agape, 30. Boys: Malik Collins, Robinson O'Neal, 22. Under 15 Girls: Edeisha Chinnery, Jost Van Dyke, 30. Boys: Lionel Smith, Claudia Creque, 30. Victrix Ludorum: (tie); Triona Palmer, Jost Van Dyke, Edeisha Chinnery, Jost Van Dyke and Deborah Smith, Agape, 30. Victor: (tie); Lionel Smith, Claudia Creque and Riquan Garroway, Pelican Gate, 30. Islanders win BVI soccer title after 3-2 win over One LoveThe Islanders used three first-half goals to beat One Love, 3-2, on Sunday night to claim the 2012-13 BVI Football Association's National Football League title.The Islanders raced to a 3-1 halftime advantage, starting in the fourth minute on Rohan Lennon's goal. Valdo Anderson added the second score in the 35th minute, and the team benefitted from an own goal by One Love. Islanders coach Lenroy Henry said it was one of his team's better games of the season."I think the guys stuck to the game plan. Yes, we lapsed certain times in the second half, but I think we really put it back together," he said. "I think the guys were too relaxed after scoring that third goal and the guys' confidence was high. I think One Love surprised us with that second goal."The Islanders did have second-half opportunities to score, but failed to convert."I think that is one of our main problems we usually have," he admitted. "We fail to put away our chances early in the game, and sometimes late in the game. But I think we'll have to work on that for the upcoming season."One Love's Shaun Henry said they came out with a game plan but started off a little shaky instead."In the second half, we gained some momentum but just couldn't execute; couldn't find that final touch," he said. "But the guys played well. I'm still proud of them and we look forward to playing the Islanders, especially in the remainder of the season."- Dean Greenaway is a Daily News correspondent based on Tortola.

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